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We invite you to visit our stall at the Drema Trade Fair 2013 in Poznań.


About us

Already in the '90s, we acted as a representative of the world's leader in woodworking machinery: the WEINIG company. We were there during the formation of the WEINIG group, which produces the specialized machines

Over many years, our clients have acquainted themselves with moulding planers, from Unimat through Profimat to fast and productive Hydromat. As the Powerlock tools were introduced into the market, the new era of thePowermat planers began.

The real challenge for the WEINIG company were numerical technologies. Innovative approach to fulfill sophisticated expectations of clients resulted in implementing the new line of machine tools CONTUREX and MULTIREX.

Tools, OptiControl control and measurement devices, PowerCom / EasyCom programming systems and precise Rondamat sharpening machines guarantee complex machine operation in regard to tools as well as time and machine production management.


Cross cut saws help to exploit wood to a maximal extent, which is why they are a fast return investment. UniCut / OptiCut saws are the whole family of optimizing cross-cut saws from slide (with pushers) to standard systems of straight-through lines.

Other specialization of DIMTER are gluers and straight-through presses. At every place, where furniture plates, semi-manufactured products of window and carpentry or construction elements are produced, one can use ProfiPress L, ProfiPress T or ProfiPress C (Conti). They encompass great solutions such as glue hardening at field of high frequencies, which reduces gluing time to few minutes!


Process of jointing of keyway mini dovetails allows for retrieving valuable and expensive material, thus achieving higher profitability of production. The program of finger jointers enables gradual extension of production possibilities. ProfiJoint and Ultra / Ultra TT are popular lines at small and medium-sized wood works. Combipact and Turbo lines serve as efficient solutions in big lines.

Finger jointer construction allows for different combinations of keyway mini dovetails from vertical (used in window square timber production) through horizontal (furniture) to construction with use of special PowerJoint moulder.

Experience and expertise let the GRECON company carry out complex projects as far as construction wood and glued laminated timber production is concerned.


Modern lengthwise wood cutting is also one of the aspects of effective wood-processing, especially during lumber production with use of saws or milling cutters. UniCut, VarioRip or FlexiRip device can be often found in small facilities, producing a vast array of different semi-finished products. ProfiRip multi-saws are designed for bigger processing.


Technology of wood scanning can be described shortly with three notions: picture, recognize, interpret. LUXSCAN computer will to that in a split second! This so-far "exclusive" technology is getting more available for a bigger circle of enthusiasts of advanced technology due to the newest EasyScan scanner. In the company program, there is also still the CombiScan series for demanding users. Modular construction system allows to use devices for color analysis of wood surface, X-ray devices, LED lightening, laser cameras, point and line cameras, which can pick out faults invisible for a human eye.


Comprehensible, individual solutions for pass elements and WEINIG collection machines. Modular solutions for current as well as future needs of clients. From unloading by means of an automatic stacker through sophisticated arrangements to packing of ready-made goods.

Your devices will always produce "on time".